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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Boxes & Bows

From the looks of the paper, this post is a bit late; but the techniques and tools can be used for any occasion or holiday.  Just swap out the paper.

Let me just say, I am L-O-V-I-N-G the new Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge - Artiste.  With over 700 items for the cutting, I could cut for a week straight and not repeat anything!

For Christmas, I decided to try out some of the 3D items.  Since I wanted something to make gift cards a little more exciting, I chose to try out a thin box.  CTMH's double sided paper is perfect for this as the inside and the outside of the box can both be pretty!
 This cartridge comes with two booklets - the traditional one and a 3D booklet which helps with assembly.
 After finding the item I wanted to cut, I set the size on my Cricut to the recommended size of 6.5 inches.
Within seconds, I had the bottom of my box!
If you look closely, you will notice tiny slits in the paper.  These are meant to guide you on where to fold as well as to make the folding easier.  Even with these guides, I prefer to score the paper as it ensures a good, strong fold.
The 3D guide makes it extra easy to assemble the box.  While the instructions show liquid glue being used for assembly, I highly recommend using Score Tape or that really strong double sided red tape.  Either will provide a very strong bond.
Check it out - the bottom is done!  How cute is this?!  Stripes on the inside and plaid on the outside! 

Now for the sleeve . . .  Following the booklet guide, I left the size at 6.5 inches only to get this message:
What the . . . uuummmm . . . how's this going to work . . .
In a word, it's NOT!
So, the guides . . . not so accurate . . . I guess if I had a 12 x 24 mat, I could have made it work, but I don't.  In the end, I simply redid the bottom to the smaller size of 5.5 inches. 
In the end, the box turned out extremely cute!
Want to find out how to make a bow out of the scraps?  Tune in tomorrow for the how to!

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